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*FREE* Clara Caterpillar pdf, epub, mobi

Pamela Duncan Edwards,Henry Cole,: Clara Caterpillar

Clara Caterpillar


Such a clever caterpillar! A carefree cabbage caterpillar named Clara, who becomes a common cream-colored butterfly, can't possibly compete with a catty, conceited caterpillar named Catisha, who becomes a captivating crimson-colored butterfly. Or can she? Ages 3 - 6

Bees are vital for the future of the planet, for without their dedicated pollinating skills many crops would eventually fail. This delightfully illustrated book is a homage to bees, revealing many facets of their lives, including homes, flight patterns and defence. It also describes how to attract bees to your garden and, essentially, the art of talking to them! The lives of bees are interwoven with our own, but how much do you know about them? * Which scents do bees prefer? * How do bees transport pollen? * How far can bees fly? * Do specific colours attract bees? * Do bees prefer native flowers? Then there is honey - a near-miraculous elixir that in earlier generations was an integral part of life as a sweetener and food preserver. It can be fermented with water and yeast to create mead, a drink that has been Clara Caterpillar ebook pdf enjoyed for thousands of years. This book is dedicated to bees and to ensuring that they continue to live in harmony with humans in bee-friendly gardens. Click on the image to look inside

Author: Pamela Duncan Edwards,Henry Cole,
Number of Pages: 40 pages
Published Date: 08 Mar 2007
Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers Inc
Publication Country: New York, United States
Language: English
ISBN: 9780064436915
Download Link: Click Here


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